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Cookies Policy

The website (hereinafter the „Website“) uses cookies to store information on your computer. The purpose of this policy is to provide more information regarding how cookies are used each time you visit the Website. By browsing the Website, you agree and accept the use of cookies on your computer, in accordance with the terms of this policy of use. If you do not wish to receive cookies, please either make the appropriate settings (as listed below) or refrain from using this website.

What are cookies?

«Cookies» are used in order to improve the performance of the Website, as well as the browsing experience of the visitor. These are small text files with information, which a website (specifically the web server – web server) stores on a user’s computer, without taking knowledge of any document or file from the user’s computer. Cookies contain some information, such as language of use, font size and other display preferences. Every time the user connects to a website, the latter retrieves the information in question and offers the user related services.

What kind of cookies do we use;

Necessary Cookies: They are absolutely necessary for the operation of the Website, as they allow you to browse it and use its services. In the event that you choose to disable them, you will not be able to access all of the content of the Website.

Preference Cookies (Functional Cookies): These cookies allow us to personalize the Website according to your preferences, such as your language of choice or font size. If you disable these cookies, the performance and functionality of the Website may be affected.

Statistical Cookies: Statistical cookies collect information about your browsing behavior on the Website, such as which pages are frequently visited and whether you receive error messages. Through this we are able to make the structure, navigation and content of the website as friendly as possible to you. We may use software such as Google Analytics to analyze page usage, page interactions and paths taken through our websites. These are known as ‚website metrics‘ or ‚analytics‘. Google Analytics is an online analysis service offered by Google Inc. (Google). Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze the use of the website by users. Google uses aggregate statistics to give the Company an insight into how users use the Website. If you do not accept these cookies, the functionality of the website will not be affected, nor will your access to its content be limited, but they give us valuable information that allows us to improve the Website, the products and the services we offer.

Promotional Cookies: These cookies are used to promote commercial content tailored to your needs and interests. They may be used to send targeted advertising, limit ad impressions or record the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Another important function is that they allow us to see which websites you have visited in order to determine which online marketing channels are most effective in order to reward external websites and partners who have referred you to us. If you do not accept these cookies, the functionality of the website will not be affected, nor will your access to its content be limited. However, your experience may be affected by content and targeted advertising that you receive from other websites.

How can you modify the function of cookies?

Each browsing system (web browser) provides clear instructions for the use of cookies. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can enable or disable their installation on your device by changing the settings in the browser you use at any time. You can also set the browser you are using to notify you before a cookie is installed on your device or follow your browser’s instructions to delete any cookies that have already been installed.

Listed below are references of the most basic web browsers, which refer to specific versions. It is recommended that you refer to the manufacturer’s official literature for the most up-to-date information.

Google Chrome:

Internet Explorer:

Mozilla firefox:…